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European Foundation for Vascular Medicine and Prevention

Life-sustaining cutting-edge medicine that reaches everyone

The European Foundation for Vascular & Preventive Medicine (EFVM) is a private and non-profit foundation.

Physicians, biologists, basic and clinical scientists, and people from different disciplines work together here on a voluntary basis.

Our common goal

To improve cardiovascular care in so-called non-metropolitan regions – across national borders.

Wealth disparities, rural exodus, global migration are the challenges facing politics and medicine alike.

Everyone – regardless of social status and place of residence – must have access to the best possible medical care. This foundation, which is financed exclusively by donations and endowments, makes a decisive contribution to this. Well-known personalities worldwide from culture, politics and medicine supported the EVFM in its efforts.

Our focus

→ Key medicine of the modern age

Neues Leben

→ Experience new life

Medizin im Umbruch

→ Medicine in upheaval