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General donation

When you support us with a general donation without earmarking, you enable us to help flexibly and quickly where it is most needed. Sometimes bottlenecks arise in important projects, which can then be bridged with your donation. If, for example, our scientists need additional funds in the short term to pursue further research questions, we can help with your donation. General donations are especially important because they go where the need is greatest.

Targeted donation

If you have a specific funding concern that is particularly close to your heart, you can designate that your donation will go exclusively to the project you select. By specifying a donation purpose, you can thus support our foundation projects in a targeted manner. With targeted donations, it is important to us that your commitment goes where you want it to go.

Our focus

→ Key medicine of the modern age

Neues Leben

→ Experience new life

Medizin im Umbruch

→ Medicine in upheaval