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Improving medical care in the event of migration

The influx of refugees worldwide and the immigration of people to Europe and Germany pose new challenges for healthcare systems. This is not just a matter of caring for people with diseases that have hardly been relevant in this country up to now. It is important to solve seemingly trivial problems such as overcoming communication barriers.

Thus, an important project of the ESDM is the “Blue Book of Migration Medicine”, a translation aid for patients from other countries and their treating physicians as well as nursing staff. Using pictograms, supplemented by questions and answers in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, Russian and German, medical phrasebooks make it easier to communicate with people from the relevant regions when no interpreter is available. More “Blue Books” are planned for pediatrics and other areas of medicine. The ESDM would like to make it possible for these phrasebooks to be distributed free of charge to clinics.
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