Mentoring program for young physicians

Exchange and mentoring program between Germany and Sierra Leone for assistant physicians in gynecology and obstetrics

EFVM is committed to vascular disease prevention and women’s, maternal and child health. Since early 2017, a dedicated international mentoring project has been established with Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) in Freetown, Sierra Leone. PCMH is a university teaching hospital in Freetown.

The following tools are used in this project:

  • The creation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to establish a sound teaching program.
  • The establishment of a rotational resident exchange program between the PCMH and care centers in Berlin.
  • A study-nurse program to establish a gestational diabetes registry and preeclampsia registry in Freetown and Berlin.

The close cooperation of the partners is creating a teaching and prevention project that could become an important tool for reducing maternal mortality and perinatal morbidity in the long term.