Limb Pain Unit

Program to establish leg pain outpatient clinics at care centers.

In analogy to the widespread CHEST PAIN UNITS, the EFVM advocates for the establishment of so-called LIMB PAIN UNITS.

These are established at maximum-care hospitals and university hospitals.

Although there are vascular centers throughout Germany that, with the appropriate level of certification, bring together the clinics for vascular surgery, angiology and radiology, in day-to-day practice it often appears that this cooperation does not always function optimally – partly because of conflicts in professional policy. . The interdisciplinary treatment of vascular patients therefore remains a challenge. As a common interface, the LIMB PAIN UNIT brings together the cardiology, angiology and vascular surgery departments to provide vascular evaluation of patients with any symptomatology of the extremity. In this way, LIMB PAIN UNITS should lead to improvements in vascular care in metropolitan and non-metropolitan regions.

LIMB PAIN UNIT EFVM Program to establish leg pain outpatient clinics in close cooperation with cardiologists, vascular surgeons, angiologists.