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Scientific work

The ESDM participates in the financing and projecting of scientific studies. For example, a European amputation registry is to be created together with the professional organizations German Society of Cardiology (DGK) and German Society of Angiology (DGA). To avoid any unnecessary amputation in the long term, it is important to collect data on where, why, how many and which amputations are performed. Improved care and prevention options result from root cause analysis. The fact that such a register is maintained and used by several countries creates a large, naturally anonymized, scientific database, combined with a comparatively faster gain in knowledge than with purely national registers.

In this context, health care research is an important concern of the ESDM: Problem-oriented data on the course of the disease and diagnosis, treatment, care and aftercare are collected. This will make it possible to develop new concepts for appropriate health care that takes population trends into account. This involves, for example, improved workflows, appropriate treatment pathways and the creation of networks in which physicians in private practice and clinicians with different specializations are there for the patient. Ultimately, this promotes high quality medical care for sick people under everyday conditions.