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Key medicine of the modern age

Vascular and cardiac medicine

The human vascular system is a key organ for all tissues of our body:

Where there is no blood, there is no life.

Large, small and tiny vessels run through every corner of the human organism. Just as a city’s streets and roads need to be maintained to be usable for a long time, blood vessels need permanent blood flow and the right nutrients to stay healthy. Sick vessels mean sick organs, especially disorders of heart, brain and kidney function, but also blindness and amputation of limbs, as well as pregnancy complications.

The modern lifestyle with little exercise as well as excessive intake of often unsuitable food as well as smoking contributes significantly to the fact that cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in Germany: They are responsible for two thirds of all deaths in Germany! Heart attacks and strokes are a significant public health problem in all industrialized countries of the world and of considerable economic importance to society.

Less well known to the public is that diseased arteries in the legs are a major contributor.

Vascular specialists (angiologists) speak of arterial occlusive disease (AVD), popularly known as “shop window disease.”

6.7 million people in Germany have diabetes mellitus, with half a million more developing the most common form, type 2 diabetes, every year. Diabetes damages blood vessels throughout the body, as do common lipid disorders. The result is about 40,000 amputations, 2,000 cases of blindness and 2,000 people requiring dialysis every year. The complication rate for heart attack, heart failure and stroke is increased by 2 to 3 times.EFVM advocates for preventive measures to address vascular disease at its root. At the same time, EFVM aims to bring modern vascular medical diagnostics and therapy to all citizens who need it. This is the only way to reduce secondary complications of vascular diseases.