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Good vascular care for all

Improving vascular care in non-metropolitan regions.

Every person has the right to highly qualified, modern medicine. But people living in structurally weak regions have hardly any access to high-performance medicine. This is reflected in different morbidity rates compared to metropolitan areas.

The ESDM works closely with the Brandenburg Medical School (MHB), which was founded in 2014. The MHB with its sites in Brandenburg an der Havel and Neuruppin has set itself the task of bringing university medicine to a rural region. This is linked to the training of medical students and young doctors, who are to be retained in the region. The University Department of Angiology at the Center for Internal Medicine I at MHB is nationally and internationally recognized. The distances for patients with vascular diseases from the general practitioner to the respective vascular specialist are to be shortened, thus improving the vascular medical care situation.